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Ten steps until nothing


Ten steps until nothing
by AA.VV.
◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
96 pages in duotone (two colors) offset printing
14,8×21 cm
10 authors
in italian with english translation

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The book is made by ten 7-pages comics stories by Lilli Carré, Cristina Spanò, Giulia Sagramola,Mireia Pérez, Clara-Tanit Arqué, Tuono Pettinato, Roman Muradov, Anna Deflorian, Nicolò Pellizzon and myself. Cover and inner spots by Umberto Mischi.

Each author was invited to invent a story for one step, from the small to the biggest: starting with a story based on an object, progressing to the room, the house, the district, the city, around the city, the nation, the world, the universe, until the last step the nothingness.

published in october 2011